My name is Levi Perry. I have somehow believed all my life that my music should be out there. I’m older and not a young artist, but If I am BEING HONEST, I DONT LOOK old lol!

I believe in the exception to the rule as not everyone loses what it takes to sell and promote as they get older. My music is my music, full of everything I love, soul, pop, rock, alternative country, R & B, eclectic and its L Perry music!

My album THE POWER OF MUSIC sat around for about 8 years, due to a personal tragedy and a lack of funds. I came back on line for the first time after so long at the end of November 2018 and in FEB / MARCH 2019 I teamed up with John from One mind music in NEW YORK, we co- mixed THE POWER OF MUSIC 2019. Thank you for believing in me John!

So much has happened…

I have just started a brand-new album with John, it will have 3 remixes of some of my old songs that never got finished AND 10 new songs which I truly need creatively.

I Just became a finalist and got honours in several world and song of the year contests.

My song ‘should have been’ you has been put forward for a Grammy on the production, and has just been recommended for being an Academy member, possibly a voting member.

I've Joined 'Basca' hoping to put my songs forward for the Ivor Novello awards.

Following my absence I have had to learn websites all over again, but I am nearly there.

I have several promoters truly believing in me on Twitter, thank you for believing in me etunes and SO MANY FANS, but in my heart I either need an investor or a businessman to put the funds into it, for heavy promoting and or a label to believe in me enough to promote my work!

I firmly believe in the end it will be well worth it as my songs now have the ability to reach so many people of all ages all over the world. I have got the mindset and I won’t stop till it’s out there!!

My songs on reverbnation continue to TREND EVERY WK X THANK YOU to all the talented friends here that support me, it is truly overwhelming - hugs x