Returning to her music after a long break, was an eye opener in terms of where the industry is right now. Without being able to see the future, no one would have been able to forecast Covid into the equation. Levi had a song put forward for a Grammy consideration, was it the only song good enough, no definitely not. It was down to single release dates, and album releases. John was more than keen to put THE POWER OF MUSIC FORWARD if dates had allowed. Levi also had a song in an independent film "Never Felt like this before " Tales of Stranglo the clown during her first year back. There was tragedy surrounding the film producer. The film got leaked and the producer’s spirit was so broke, he shot himself. This was so very upsetting for Levi, thank goodness he recovered!

Levi had continued working with John Campos from New York, they now have 2 finished Albums (at least as finished as they were going to be without major funding) and has now released a NEW DANCE HIT 2020/21 (new world new day). This has been a real success so far, and it is sitting at number 11 as a National radio Hit in the states.

Levi was messaged by a RADIO PROMOTER called Larry Weir, he said "I think you have something special here let’s try and get this out there". Larry is a big name in the industry and like everything else charges big money, so Levi only managed to pay the promoter for a month. Larry was so impressed how it climbed he even gave a week’s promo for Free. The climb was combination of radio play and fan votes, "I was so touched and amazed how my friends and fans got behind me", “I passed so many Big names in my climb it was unreal!” “What I think helped that climb is how it spoke of what we had all Experienced in 2020, but the chorus is uplifting and Anthemic of hopes for a new 2021, and it’s what we all truly needed”.

Levi has continued to win numerous Awards for song writing with the world song writing contest & song writer of the year in her first year and during the 2nd year. Levi was made ARTIST OF THE MONTH AND YEAR AT RAMPAGE RADIO last year and this year was Nominated for no less than 7 AWARDS and has frequently been number at no 1 on the etunes Chart.

Levi has also been made THE STAR OF CATURDAY! This happened on twitter where a lot of her fans and friends learnt about her music and the beauty of it. A dear Friend Nina who is a spy thriller writer, started Caturday some time back, and bit by bit Levi has become the star of Caturday. "I feel so very proud and honoured to be the star of Caturday, Nina is incredibly beautiful along with her other fans and friends, and have truly got behind me on my journey, I do feel blessed".

What is next? Being in lock-down for the best part of the year in the UK has been incredibly hard on all the entertainment industry. Levi produced WARRIOR during this period, it was an incredible achievement for an Artist without a deal or management. All the big gigs booked like MISS ELEGANCE OF THE WORLD Levi was asked to perform at were lost and is now an online gig at the end of the month.

Levi has now been offered several management deals and a few Record deals, for now Levi has signed to city Boy management in the states for the year. They are keen to help Levi go forward financially to enable her to continue Recording some future success's and with future Gigs. Levi says "I’m just waiting to be able to book a studio in the UK for laying vocals for the next PROJECTS. The first Track that is going to be done with is part of a PROJECT with another Artist on reverbnation. "Anthony is a great Artist but also a friend, his father set up a trust so he could continue to record when he was no longer here. The project is called the ZUGU project, it has really grown recently with some well-known Artists joining the project. Anthony himself has grown incredibly with the tracks now growing on his page. Levi would also like to lay another set of vocals down whilst laying some down for the ZUGU project at the same session. It will be laid down and remixed afterwards, "Levi says although she has recorded 2 songs with COVID as the subject, she wanted to record a song although written some time back and dedicate it to all the family and friends we have lost around the world because of covid and during this period. It is CALLED "I MISS YOU". It is going to be a real HEART RENCHER, then again Levi will be doing what she does best and touching the heart strings like no other. 

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